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I love collaborating with passionate lifestyle-driven entrepreneurs who focus on creating a better life for themselves, their families and their target audience.

I am here to make the process of creating your brand and design projects a breeze! My illustrative, emotive design style is organic, earthy, eclectic and a little bit quirky.


I draw my inspiration from natural world textures, my vivid dreams, our real-life adventurers, my energetic daughter and our crazy puppies. 

I use my creative intuition to convert my clients’ design briefs, cultivating them into authentically aligned design visuals and assets.

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Clear & Simple  |  Organised  |  Honest  |  Professional  |  Nurturing  |  Creative


  • Help you attract the attention of your dream clients

  • Converts attention into interest

  • Give you deeper confidence and brand pride

  • Help you to outshine your competitors

  • Feel personal and meaningful

  • Enhance your professionalism and persuasiveness


  • I will always deliver work on time

  • Give your project my full attention as you express to me what you would like to achieve via design

  • Listen to your feedback about what you do and don’t like and provide honest advise on how to move ahead

  • Respond to your emails within 48hrs 

  • Honour your confidentiality


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high quality offerings

creative thinking







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family & friends

pets & animals


conscious living

health & wellness

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down to earth

open communication






real life

She is a coffee sipping, croissant lover,

organiser of chaos, and freedom lifestyle chaser; an introverted adobe wiz with a passion for creative illustration and a knack for brand design.

I have carefully crafted a soulful and strategic design process that will inspire you to invent the life of your dreams through self-expression, creative thinking, and new ideas!

Aletha Ward for ALETHA WARD PhD. MBA. BNurs. R.N. gAICD. mACN. (personal brand)

I cannot rate Sarah and MissCreative Design Studio highly enough. She created my website and also helped me design, format and publish my first book. It felt like Sarah was on my team the entire way ... until the end. Sarah is VERY responsive, timely and professional and charges reasonable rates. She has attention to detail and it feels like she is as invested in my outcomes, as I am. I have had very disappointing experiences with other similar services, so I will definitely continue to use MissCreative Design studio.
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MissCreative Design Studio My Why-03.png
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The creative flow ignites my soul fire! That zone of creativity where my heart is racing and I can't stop smiling because the idea is so inspiring. That is such a great feeling and gives such a sense of accomplishment!

The entrepreneur life isn't for everyone, it certainly has it's ups and downs, but the best part is the definitely the lifestyle freedom!  I'm talking spontaneous holidays and working from home in my pj's!

Creating impactful designs for businesses with high quality offerings, values and ethos is so important to me. Collaborating with like-minded businesses ensures I do my best design work every time. 


I always knew that I wanted to be creative. As a teen, I favoured graphite as my medium and realism as my style. I had a knack for portraiture and loved seeing how people responded to my completed art pieces. I won a few awards and grants for art classes which ultimately ingrained my love for creativity. I also took up graphics and manual arts at school. I loved technical drawing and the hands on creation.

I started my graphic design journey at 16, studying and designing for a newspaper and magazine print company while completing my senior years at school. After school I travelled a little, moved house a lot, studied, and tried a few other career paths but being creative has always been my true calling.

At 25, I began freelancing as a hobby while working full-time with a print company. I started exploring the art of digital illustration and custom typography. I met my future hubby, a couple years later we had a beautiful baby girl, and then soon after we married.

With a tot by my side, I stepped into the wedding stationery realm. This worked well with our lifestyle as it allowed me the flexibility I needed to focus on my young family while still being creative. My hubby; also an entrepreneur, started his own tourism-based biz. I helped him with the behind-the-scenes work while he maintained everything else.

Once our little one was ready to start kindy, I realised I no longer had the desire to design for weddings. I also had more time and energy on my hands to focus on something more challenging. So, I restructured my freelance biz and began to focus on designing for businesses.


Then bam...COVID pandemic! Wasn't that a hot mess! Thankfully, we had both already been working from home together for a couple years so we were already used to the lifestyle that most people weren't. Unfortunately, my hubby couldn't operate his biz temporarily, weddings were postponed, our daughter wasn't going to kindy, and I hadn't built a sustainable client base just yet. Somehow we made it through all that, and I even started a crystal jewellery business!


Before I knew it my baby was a big girl and ready for prep! Wow, time seriously flies! It’s funny how the time gauge of your life switches from your age to whatever milestone your child is currently going through - or maybe that's an only child thing?


With more time on my hands, I took my design biz full time and began to focus more on branding and started learning the world of web design. I became a white-label designer for another studio and partnered with Wix; an online website building platform. I have now built just over 20 websites with Wix. By xmas my hubby sold his tourism business and began his new biz venture!

This year my girl is starting year two and I'm so excited for the year ahead! We plan to have a lot more family fun adventures and new experiences. I also have some big biz goals to strive for as well.

I can't wait!

I absolutely love this term and the values that come with it! Work is such a big part of your lives, but it doesn’t have to be your ‘whole’ life!


You have control over your work/life balance


A lifestyle-driven entrepreneur is a person who creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle. Focusing more on the life rewards over the monetary gains provided to those that have true passion for their work and enjoy what they’re doing.


Such rewards may appear as

freedom, flexibility, time, fun, autonomy.

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My business name 'MissCreative' was originally crafted for my online dating profile username, where I met my husband within a couple weeks of joining - that was almost ten years ago! 

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