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At MissCreative, we’re passionate about helping small businesses shine like diamonds with stunning and unforgettable branding and graphics.

Our expert designer is committed to crafting cohesive aesthetics that bring out the brilliance of your brand, setting you apart from the competition and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. 


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Meet our creative director, Sarah. Her founding journey for MissCreative Design Studio started as a wedding stationery side hustle, which later evolved into a captivating world of corporate designs. Logos and graphics that don't just speak, but sing for businesses across the spectrum.

Fast forward to 2022, and our focus has honed to the art of branding, tailored especially for passionate lifestyle-driven entrepreneurs like you. We understand that your brand is a unique gem waiting to be unearthed. That's why we take a collaborative diamond-in-the-rough approach. We'll work together to carve out your vision and give it the brilliance it deserves.

Guided by our expertise and fueled by your distinctive ideas, our collaboration will birth a design solution that elevates your business. Think of it as turning coal into a dazzling diamond, ready to outshine the competition. Let's craft your brand's story in a way that truly resonates, setting you apart in a sea of contenders.

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Our core value of creativity fuels our passion for delivering imaginative and innovative solutions that inspire and motivate our clients, bringing happiness through quality offerings and creative thinking.

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Living life to the fullest is our core value. We embrace balance, prioritize freedom, honour our boundaries, cherish time with family & friends, welcome pets & animals, seek out adventures, practice conscious living, and prioritize health & wellness.

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We value connection and strive to cultivate a positive community through nurturing collaborations and offering guidance with kindness and gratitude. Our loyalty to each other and our clients allows us to build strong and meaningful relationships.

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At the heart of our business is authenticity. We believe in open communication, self-expression, and acceptance. Our commitment to honesty and trust fosters real-life connections and appreciation for each other's unique qualities.

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I've always had a deep passion for creativity and knew it would guide my life's path. Back when I was 16, I dove into the world of graphic design, immersing myself in crafting designs for newspapers and magazines while juggling my schoolwork. At 25, I ventured into freelancing, all while holding down a full-time job. That's when I discovered the enchanting realm of digital illustration, bespoke typography, and web design.

Fast forward ten years, and here I am, fully dedicated to my craft, based in the cozy corners of Hervey Bay. My focus? Your journey. I'm here to turn your visions into reality, adding a touch of creativity and magic to your brand, illustrations, and web presence. Your story is my muse, and together, we'll craft designs that vividly reflect your essence. Let's embark on this creative journey hand in hand.

I thrive on collaborating with passionate lifestyle-driven entrepreneurs like you, who are dedicated to crafting a better life for yourselves, your families, and your audience. Your vision is my inspiration, and together, we can infuse your ideas with my illustrative, organic, and slightly quirky design style. Drawing from the textures of the natural world, my vivid dreams, and real-life adventurers, we'll create designs that encapsulate your brand's spirit.

What excites me most about graphic design is the chance to give life to your concepts using my creative intuition. I firmly believe that designs truly shine when they resonate with your brand's core values and personality - much like a diamond's brilliance reflects its authenticity. To understand your vision, I take time to get to know you and your business. This connection helps us craft design visuals and assets that genuinely speak to your audience.

In essence, my mission is to help you narrate your brand's journey through captivating visuals that genuinely mirror your values. Let's join forces to design pieces that express your unique style and make you stand out in your industry like a dazzling diamond.

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The creative flow ignites our soul fire! That zone of creativity were our heart is racing and we can't stop smiling because the ideas are so inspiring. That is such a great feeling and gives such a sense of accomplishment and pride in our work!
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The entrepreneur life isn't for everyone, it certainly has it's ups and downs, but the best part is definitely the lifestyle freedom! I'm talking spontaneous holidays, impromptu lunch dates, and working from home in our comfiest jammies with our fave coffee mug.
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Creating impactful designs for businesses with high quality offerings, values and ethos is so important to us. Collaborating with like-minded (not same) businesses ensures we do our best design work every time!


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